MaryAnn Selva

Clear Lake / Galveston Area Watercolor Artist

Inspired by the Light


While watercolors can produce planned and structured effects they can also take on a spirit of their own. As a watercolor artist, I have learned to let go (at times) and enjoy the unexpected!
The spontaneity of the medium inspires me and reminds me to be more open to the serendipitous in my life as so many things are based on conscious and
intuitive decisions.











































Now showing in Kemah at The Art Of Coffee

609 Bradford Ave. Suite 105 • Kemah, Texas 77565

Mustang with Heart

"Texas Mustang with Heart".

Richly framed! Come see!


Meet Loreilli, Ambassodor of the Seas and mother to Pearl, Jewels and Diana. Now available at Selva Studios!


Dianna is the oldest sister of the 3 Mermaids. Her book is in production and will be available this Fall!

Dianna with Yolanda Moon

Underwater Adventures of Jewels & Sassy

Selva Studios Children's Book Series 1, Book 2

Jewels & Sassy Cover


Click here to order through PayPal. $20. You can order up to 4 books for the same flat shipping rate of $5.75. I will sign the inside and put an inscription of your choice.

Available Now! Are you up for an adventure?

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Underwater Adventures of Pearl & Trixi

Selva Studios Children's Book Series 1


Children's Book

Click here to order through PayPal. $20. I will sign the inside and put an inscription of your choice.

Available Now! Are you up for an adventure?

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Underwater Adventure Collection

Meet Pearl & Trixi

Click this link to watch this painting come to life!

Pearl the Mermaid


Trust Series

This series is all about "Dawn", a real pelican rescued from the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Titled Dawn in Her Duck Pond and Deep Water Horizon Rescue. 24" x 36"

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Dawn in Duck PondDawn Rescue

To learn more about "Dawn", click here.

Brown Pelican Series

This series includes a male and a female adult brown pelican in courting plumage. Titled Lovin Life and Mr. Windy. 24" x 36"

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Pair of Pelicans FemalePair of Pelicans Male

If you would like to see Lovin' Life evolve from sketch to complete, click here to see a slideshow

If you would like to see Mr. Windy evolve from sketch to complete, click here to see a slideshow


Please feel free to schedule a viewing at the studio or call about safe, secure and FREE delivery.

I am proud to be a Shopping Partner with Houston Audubon Society. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Lovin' Life and Mr. Windy is pledged to support the work and efforts of HAS. Please help us to help the pelicans and preserve our wet lands.


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Shell Compositions on 3" Canvas Wraps


These limited edition paintings are available in 12" and 24" square and form a triptych, meaning there are 3 in the collection. I like to mix and match the sizes! The series includes; Bounty of the Beach, Lucky Dollar and Conical Shadows. They have been reproduced as fine art giclées on 3" gallery wrapped canvas. They are signed and numbered and come with Certificates of Authenticity. This collection is all about bright sunny days, relaxing on the beach and taking in the beauty of the treasures from the beach! Collect them one on at a time, pick your 2 favorites or fall in love with the triptych!

Just click my email link to order and I will send you pricing information and schedule a viewing. This is a signed and numbered limited edition offering so if you want in on the FUN, let me hear from you!


Have Fun!!

The Sunflower Series

sunflower series

This 4 part giclée Fine Art Watercolor Reproduction Series is now available on watercolor paper in varying sizes and also as a 24" x 24" square series on 3" gallery wrapped canvas.They are all signed and numbered limited editions. An artist's biography and Certificate of Authenticity accompany each print, documenting the year of issue, the number of the print and the total edition size.

The warmth of The Sunflower Series will add a bright and smiling touch to your home!

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credit card logos

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Giclée Collections

Fine Art Archival Paper and Canvas
Certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild.


Now Available!!

A FUN collection of shell compositions using texture and new blending mediums!

Available in two sizes, 12 "and 24" square with 3 in the collection. They have been reproduced as giclées on gallery wrapped canvas. No framing required! FUN!

Order now as this will be a limited edition, signed and numbered

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Have Fun!!


Fun in the Sun & The Sunflower Series are NOW AVAILABLE in Note Card Sets! At $20 is a great gift item. Send me an email to arrange delivery.

Thanks for your interest in Selva Studios!