MaryAnn Selva

While watercolors can produce planned and structured effects they can also take on a spirit of their own. As a watercolor artist, I have learned to let go (at times) and enjoy the unexpected!

The spontaneity of the medium inspires me and reminds me to be more open to the serendipitous in my life as so many things are based on conscious and intuitive decisions.

About the Artist

My extensive exploration of this world has enriched the foundation of my art. Although I was born in Montana, I got to Texas as soon as I could and I most definitely consider myself a native Texan! After growing up in Houston, I had the opportunity to travel. I lived in South America, the West Indies, Egypt and Abu Dhabi from 1984-1991. I have lived in the Clear Lake area since 1996. The rich tapestry of memories woven from my travels adds a sense of grounded passion to my paintings.

The desire to create has been with me since early childhood. Developing my skills as a craftsman guided my hand to the fine arts. With each medium studied, my ability to express myself artistically grew like stepping stones to a destination. I have tried my hand in many mediums; stained glass, etched glass, mosaic, floral design, fiber arts, sculpture, pencil sketches & watercolor. My experience also includes work in graphic design.

Ultimately, I settled into watercolor as my medium of choice. Like my work in glass, I am deeply intrigued by discovering new ways light interacts with the transparency and fluidity of the tints and washes. I trained at The Watercolor Art Society in Houston and have been learning, experimenting and evolving with the medium every since.

I enjoy capturing scenes of the beauty that surrounds me in life; the things that bring me joy. I am influenced by what I see and feel and I am motivated to share these feelings. Through painting, I find peace and passion. I invite you to enjoy the dance of my watercolors in your life too!

MaryAnn Selva

Inspired by the Light

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